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A doula is a woman who nurtures and cares for the expectant mother. She “mothers the mother” while protecting the special bond between new parents. The birth doula is the modern day link in the tradition of women helping women through childbirth. She enhances the birth experience through information, empathy, and physical assistance. A doula is an invaluable part of the birth team in any setting–hospital, home, or birth center.

The doula is a unique part of the birthing team. She is hired by the birthing couple to serve the laboring woman. She does not perform any medical tasks or clinical evaluations; these tasks are best left to health care providers. The doula can be totally focused on what the mother needs. Continuity of care is also comforting to the birthing couple. Because her loyalties are solely to the birthing woman and her partner, the mother can rest assured that her physical and emotional needs will be met throughout her labor and birth. A professional doula also promotes positive communication among all members of the birthing team, including midwife, doctor, nurses and the couple.

Statistics and studies have shown the emotional and physical difference a well-trained doula can make. She can help shorten labor by many hours, help reduce the need for pain medication and epidurals, and lower the chances of cesarean surgery. Studies have also shown an improvement in neonatal outcomes, breastfeeding, bonding, and greater satisfaction with the birth experience overall–all of which contribute to a lesser incidence of postpartum depression. The doula provides emotional support and reassures the mother with her calm suggestions, both prenatally and during labor.

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